Why Sections Of Your Truck Driver Training Are Taken In A Classroom

//Why Sections Of Your Truck Driver Training Are Taken In A Classroom

When people inquire into a truck driver training course, they are often surprised to hear that parts of their training is delivered in a classroom. The assumption is, understandably, that if you are going to a truck driver training to school, then you’ll be spending your time in a truck and learning to drive. You will spend a lot of time behind the wheel learning to ‘drive’, however, there’s more to being a ‘truck driver’ than just driving.

Before you can take the wheel of a truck to learn how to drive, you need to complete the first component of your commercial drivers license. This is a test that is a requirement by your states Department of Transport that you must pass before being issued with a permit. The test is designed to ensure you are aware of all the road rules and trucking regulations that are in place in your state. This information can only be delivered in a classroom, and through reading and memorizing many of the rules and regulations.

Classroom training also deals with areas such as truck safety along with the theory behind developing good truck driving habits. It is easier, for example, to demonstrate truck blind spots in a classroom, and to then experience them for yourself once your behind the wheel. While many consider theory to be boring, it really does form the base on which your actual truck driving skills are based.

We are firm believers in truck driver safety. Our truck driver training courses are designed with a careful balance between the theoretical requirements of truck driving, and the actual skill development that is built while driving a truck. If you come across a truck driver training program that doesn’t include classroom instruction, be careful. The best training you can receive is the kind of training that is well thought through, and delivers to industry drivers that have had a good grounding in both the theoretical and practical requirements of driving a truck.

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