Why Truck Driver Trainings Focus Is On Safety

//Why Truck Driver Trainings Focus Is On Safety

In the trucking industry, everyone has the same focus. Those who send their goods on trucks want those goods to arrive safely and on time. Truck owners want their trucks arriving safely and on time, ready to load up and hit the road again. Of course, truck drivers want to arrive safely and on time so they can get home to their families. The common focus is safety and time, and that is one of the main reasons why truck driver training has a similar focus.

When it comes to time, modern technology is a big help, especially GPS. These units can help a truck driver navigate around any obstructions, generally showing a driver the best way to get to their destination. However, technology is not going to make a driver safe – that’s up to the driver and their skills and knowledge, and that of course starts with their training.

While I have mentioned truck owners and those that rely on trucks to deliver their goods, let’s not forget those who have so much power over a driver’s working life – the police and the Department of Transport. They are not worried about time, in fact, legislation in recent years has been designed to reduce the number of hours a truck driver can work. Drivers have to take mandatory breaks, including long breaks out of their truck to sleep in a real bed (long distance drivers).

One of the regulations that peeves truck drivers the most is their log book – the book that details every minute of their day, including their time out of the truck. This log book has to be kept up-to-date, and drivers can be fined heavily for failing to do. The log book is designed to prove to officials that a driver is taking the mandatory breaks each day. When it comes to police, they target truck drivers when it comes to speed and driving under the influence – again, safety is one of the driving forces behind their activity.

When undertaking truck driver training, don’t underestimate the value of the safety component. When it comes to driving a truck for a living, those safety components could make a difference between you continuing to make a living, and you looking for a new career. In the trucking industry, safety is not an issue that anyone toys with anymore.

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