Why Trucking Careers Have Become Appealing To Women

//Why Trucking Careers Have Become Appealing To Women

Statistics are now showing there are more than 200,000 women across the nation who have made truck driving their career.  Why?  There are any number of reasons including flexible schedules, the availability of  work, the non-discriminatory nature of the job, great wages, or simply just the call of the highway. Whatever the reason, trucking is becoming more appealing to women each year, and given the slowing growth in males joining the trucking work force, it’s a good thing women are filling the gap. Industry and trade would slowly crawl to a halt if we didn’t have a steady growth in the number of  truck drivers around the nation.

Perhaps the most convincing reason why women are becoming truckers came from the mouth of a female trucker. Asked why she took up truck driving, her answer was simple – “because I can do the job as well as any man.” And they can, and do, and they get treated as equals by fellow truck drivers.

Modern trucks have made truck driving relatively easy. Rather than fighting a steering wheel, crashing through ten or fifteen gears, and battling poor roads, power steering, modern gear boxes and good highways now allow truck drivers to concentrate on the real issues of truck driving – getting to their destinations on time and in one piece.

Truck driver training is not a long or difficult program to complete. For many people interested in truck driving careers, a five week truck driver training program that includes both the knowledge-based tests and the practical driving tests prepares them well for a new career. By passing both sets of tests, individuals are issued with commercial drivers licenses, which allows them to drive trucks on the open roads. With many employers ready to recruit new drivers to the industry, there is plenty of work available. In the current economic climate, there aren’t too many careers that can boast that fast entry into the workplace. For women, truck driving delivers a lot of benefits – equality being one of the most important.

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