Why Women Truck Drivers Are So Successful

//Why Women Truck Drivers Are So Successful

If you think that women driving trucks is a recent phenomenon, think again. During World War II, women were the backbone of countries like England, Australia, and the U.S. They worked hard in factories helping to arm and clothe our soldiers and, most importantly, they did a lot of the truck driving and did it well. Women left the truck driving ranks after the war for a variety of reasons, many of them out of their control. The sheer weight of ex-soldiers entering the workforce meant they were no longer required. Today it’s a little different. Equal opportunity has opened many doors, and that includes truck driving, and employers are starting to find that women drivers are as good, if not better, than many men (now there’s a challenge for the male population).

Why are they so successful? There are a number of reasons, one of them no doubt the feeling that they still have to prove themselves, so they try harder. However, there are some aspects of truck driving careers that do seem to come naturally to women, and attention to detail is certainly one of them. Women truck drivers often keep much better records than men, and that’s particularly important when it comes to log books and the paper work associated with driving a truck.

It also helps that modern trucks no longer require strength to successfully drive them. With power steering, and what seems like power everything else, truck driving has become a breeze when it comes to actually driving. Women are now entering into truck driver training schools in greater numbers each year, especially in those empty nest years when their youngest has finally left home – or sometimes to escape them because they won’t leave home.

If you’re a woman and you’re looking for a career that’s a little different than the norm, consider a career as a truck driver. Women are paid well as truck drivers (having equal pay with men) and equal opportunities for employment. The work is available, we just need the drivers, and you could be one of the many women who are once again controlling those big trucks that travel our highways.

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