Why Young Women Are Turning To Trucking Careers

//Why Young Women Are Turning To Trucking Careers

One of the real growth areas in trucking is the number of women who are making careers of truck driving. I’m not talking about local or short haul truck drivers either. I’m talking about long distance truck drivers.

What is of particular interest is the number of young women who are entering the industry. Current statistics suggest there are as many as 250,000 women working as truck drivers, and the majority of these drivers are under 35 – this is on a par with the number of young men who are joining the industry.

So what is the attraction for young women? Is it the money; the freedom; the work itself? It’s probably a combination of many factors, however, there is one factor that does stand out, and that’s equality. Trucking companies don’t discriminate when it comes to hiring drivers. If you can do the job and have a good driving history, then you’ll have the same opportunity as a male. You’ll also be paid exactly the same since these drivers are generally paid by the mile. If there is a downside, it is on the highway – the amenities for truck drivers have been built mainly for males, however, female truck drivers soon find suitable alternatives.

For young women, trucking careers offer a different lifestyle to the normal nine-to-five type career. What is also interesting to note is that women who take on this career often meet and marry other truck drivers. This makes family life much easier – both sides of the relationship know what to expect when starting a family. You’ll be surprised how many women continue driving trucks after starting a family, often sharing their career with their spouse – one at home whilst the other takes a run, then swapping for the next run. Many small trucking businesses start with this concept.

Trucking is an interesting career for women. It only takes a couple of weeks of truck driver training to be in a position to gain a commercial drivers license. From there, your career is totally in your hands – do the job and you’ll always have plenty of work.

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