Will You Be Ready When Trucking Companies Want New Recruits

//Will You Be Ready When Trucking Companies Want New Recruits

Finding work can be difficult at the best of times. At present there are a lot of truck driving jobs available, however, that doesn’t mean they are always easy to find. You’d be surprised at how introverted this industry is – job vacancies are often found through word of mouth rather than through any of the normal forms of advertising. How introverted? Trucking companies will often come to our training school looking for new recruits – why advertise when you can hand pick the best new recruits before they start looking for employment.

There’s a big advantage to trucking companies when taking on new truck drivers to the industry. That advantage is the lack of knowledge. Why is that an advantage?

Experienced truck drivers, particularly those who have driven for the one company for a long time, have set ways. Trucking companies often need to ‘untrain’ those drivers before they can train them to do things their way. New truck drivers haven’t been corrupted by the system – they are fresh and have no set habits.

Trucking companies know which truck driver training schools graduate good drivers. Some of these trucking companies visit those trucking schools when recruiting new drivers. We will have a visit from Schneider this week (01/15/2013 at 4PM). I know this is short notice for those looking for truck driving jobs, however, Schneider is a regular visitor to our school and you can always find details about their visits on our truck driving jobs website.

If you are interested in a career as a truck driver, then your first step is to undertake truck driver training in order to gain your commercial drivers license. With that in hand, you’ll be ready when any trucking company comes calling for new recruits.

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