Things to do in Wisconsin

//Things to do in Wisconsin

Our dedicated training courses pack a lot of education into your time with us, but that does not mean its all work, all the time. As a residential course, you will have some spare time to explore Wisconsin and relax a bit. In fact, that break can really benefit the learning process and help your overall performance, so we always encourage our students to make the most of the opportunity. Here are some of what we think are the best things to do in Wisconsin.

The Great Lakes

If you want to really relax, and just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the world around you, then a trip to one of the Great Lakes is the answer. Not only is the scenery some of the most majestic in the country, but with exceptional lake beaches found all over the state, they are the perfect place to enjoy some quiet relaxation. Whether its Lake Michigan, Lake Superior or any other, you will find something unique by the lakeside.


The lakes are not just there for beachside fun, with over 15,000 inland lakes and 42,000 miles of streams and rivers, Wisconsin is fishing paradise! It has long been a prized destination for fishing enthusiasts around the world, and thanks to such a diverse range of waterways, including the great lakes, you can catch a larger variety of species here than anywhere else in the mid-west.


Milwaukee has so much on offer, it really does deliver something for everyone. If you are a sports fan, there are baseball and basketball games to see and enjoy, if you prefer something quieter, a visit to one of the many museums may be what you are looking for. A change of pace can be found at the zoo, or maybe trying your luck on the slot machines, or take a tour of the world-famous brewery and see how beer is made. With great food available at every turn, Milwaukee has everything you could want.

Wisconsin Dells

One of the most popular vacation attractions in the state, the Wisconsin Dells is also known as the Waterpark Capital of the World! ®, and for good reason. With plenty of waterpark fun on hand, this is the place for a real water adventure, but even if a water slide is not your thing, this is a place that has plenty to offer. With live music and a variety of events, there is always a party going on at the Dells.

Train Museum

Finally, if you enjoy history and engineering, the National Train Museum is found in Green Bay and gives a glimpse into the past as it takes us through the development of the railroads that built America. With examples of engines from right across our history and even the chance to take a short train trip around the museum, its something different that shows us a very real part of our country’s history.


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