You Can Have A Long Term Trucking Career

//You Can Have A Long Term Trucking Career

While there is always talk of doom and gloom around the world, the one thing we do know is that no matter what we all need to eat, and we all need to buy the necessities of life. Food and most necessities require transport, whether it’s train, plane, truck or horse drawn carriage and the way our society is at present, horse drawn carriages wouldn’t survive our roads. Planes are fine, however, they can only drop goods off at central points (airports). The same can be said for trains. Ultimately, everything requires a truck of some description, even if its only a small one to deliver from rail terminal to the shops.

The U.S. Department of Labor regularly prints an outlook for a wide range of occupations, and this includes truck driving. In it’s latest outlook, the Department estimates there are over 3 million truck drivers in the nation and for the period from 2010 to 2018, they expect that almost 300,000 new jobs will be created. It’s important to note that this report refers to NEW jobs, not replacement jobs. With 10% of the population is aged between 55 and 65, and if those numbers are reflected in truck drivers, that’s another 300,000 drivers that will be retiring, and who will need replacing. In total, between now and 2018, the industry will need at least 500,000 new drivers, either for new jobs, or to replace those who are retiring.

For those who are looking at trucking careers and asking if there is a future, the answer is fairly clear – most definitely. And if you are a good driver, then your future is even more secure.  Truck driving is a career that requires a small amount of initial training, and a lifetime of learning. Every time you hop behind that wheel, you learn something new, or you come across a new situation.

If your are interested in a career as a truck driver then visit Diesel Truck Driver Training School. We have several training options available that will help you gain your commercial drivers license, the first step to a successful trucking career.

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