You Have Help With Financial Assistance

//You Have Help With Financial Assistance

Have you been thinking about a career in the trucking industry but were unsure about how to pay for training? Our Financial Assistance department can help you figure it out. Since they work with all types of loan and grant programs, they already are familiar with the various options and can point you to the solutions that will work for your particular case.

Career Loan

It doesn’t cost anything to check into getting a career loan. That money can be used to pay for all types of training expenses, like tuition, housing, and more. Processing your paper application could take up to 48 hours but online applicants often are able to get an instant response. An Admissions counselor can help you complete the application during a phone call if you have questions.

VA & Military Benefits

Many veterans have been through our training program and we appreciate the sacrifices they have already made for our country. We also appreciate the skills they have learned during their service and these skills give vets an advantage in their new career. Another advantage vets have is educational benefits through the Veteran’s Administration. We can help you see what you qualify for and help you get it.

UMOS/National Farmworkers Jobs Program(NFJP)

If you are a US citizen or legal resident and have done farm work in the last two years, there is money available for getting your Class-A CDL and job help in trucking. So if you have worked with crops, Christmas trees, nursery, dairy, fishery, poultry, or other types of farm work and your family income is at or below the Federal Poverty Level you qualify. If you are male and over 18, you also need to have signed up with the Selective Service.

State/Federal Grants & Funding

Diesel Truck Driver Training School participates in Workforce Investment Act funding programs. These programs vary by state and it’s possible that you qualify for financial assistance in training for a new career. There are Tribal Education Benefits through your tribal council or the Bureau of Indian Affairs if you are Native American. If you lost your job because of foreign trade or competition, there is Trade Adjustment Act funding available. You could qualify through a Vocational Rehabilitation program or be eligible as a dislocated worker.

Since there are so many options, it’s a good idea to contact our Financial Assistance department and ask for help exploring them. You aren’t alone in your journey to a new career!



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