Your Truck Driver Training Doesn’t Finish With A CDL

//Your Truck Driver Training Doesn’t Finish With A CDL

Truck driver training to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL) is generally the start of a lifetime of learning. It’s easy to look at a career like that of a truck driver and assume that nothing ever changes, and that CDL is all you need to succeed. It can be, if you’re happy to stick with the one type of truck. The moment you move to a different type of truck, you’re education starts over since each trucking career has its own nuances, its own levels of skills.

A short article from highlights one area of training that truck drivers often need to keep up. This article relates to the humane transportation of live animals. It’s easy to assume that this was the responsibility of the trucking company, and whilst much of it is, the truck driver is also responsible for the humane way that animals are cared for. A good example is where a driver parks for their lunch break – in the shade, or out in the full sun.

Animal transportation is just one example. The transportation of hazardous materials is another area where frequent training is often required.  The most common areas where truck drivers need further education is when changing from one type of truck to another, and when changing from one route to another. Tankers are very different to flat-beds used to transport heavy equipment. Likewise, a new route often takes a while to not only learn, but to learn alternative routes when there are blockages or problems ahead.

Truck drivers start life by learning the road rules, then learning to drive a truck. Like many professions, that’s just the start of their learning. Everyday often brings a new lesson, but then, that’s what makes truck driver training so interesting.

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