You’ve Found The Right Place To Kick Start A Truck Driving Career

//You’ve Found The Right Place To Kick Start A Truck Driving Career

Can you imagine a career that requires no more than five weeks training, pays upwards of $35,000 from day one, and has the potential of earning up to $100,000? What if I said that this industry has some of the lowest unemployment levels across the nation?  Yet that is exactly what a truck driving career offers, and that’s what it takes to become a truck driver. Is there work for truck drivers? Ask the folk down in Arkansas – they have just restarted a government program that is funding training for 300 new truck drivers. Before you rush off, you need to be living in Arkansas, looking for work in Arkansas, and registered with the Arkansas Workforce Center.

Of course, if you are unemployed, and looking for a career change, then there are other government programs (check out our page on State/Federal funding for truck driver training).  There is demand for truck drivers, and as the economy starts to pick up, that demand is only going to increase. Add to that the aging factor as baby boomers look to retire, and that will further boost demand for new, younger and fresher truck drivers.

There are many industries across the nation that are stagnating at present. They are no longer firing people, but they are not hiring either. This leaves that pool of unemployed in no-mans-land  – do you retrain and hope that, when you finish your training, the economy is on the improve; or do you look for areas that are already building? There are not many that fit the latter group, however, truck driving is in that group, and it is growing.

So, with the horizon looking bright for truck drivers, your next step is to acquire a commercial drivers license, and that takes truck driver training. If you are interested in a career that is always on the move, and you want the very best in training, assistance with financing, and help in getting that first truck driving job, then contact us – you’ve found the right place to kick start your truck driving career.

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