Complete Class-A CDL Training

This program is our advanced course and includes everything in the Basic program PLUS! This is a complete program which takes you through the CDL rules and regulations. It also prepares you to take the written test for your Class-A CDL Learner’s Permit. Not only will you get more classroom instruction, you will also get more time on the equipment. Our goal is to help you be a more confident truck driver as you prepare to take the CDL road test.

Program includes

Safety on the road and safe operation of equipment
Pre-trip inspections
Logbooks – how and why they are important
Hazardous materials
Coupling and uncoupling
Backing and other close quarter maneuvers

Students who successfully complete this class

Receive all licensing permits, endorsements and the driving test needed to obtain a Class-A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
Be qualified to obtain an entry level position in the trucking industry

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This course runs full time Monday through Friday for four weeks. Classes start every three weeks and run year round.

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Complete CDL Training

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