Student Reviews

Graduates from Diesel Truck Driver Training School receive all the licensing permits, endorsements, and driving test needed to obtain their Class-A Commercial Drivers License. Hear what some of our most recent graduates have to say.

I’m driving for Fuchs Trucking out of Sauk City Wi. They’re a really great small company running 90+ trucks and 120+ drivers with local, regional and some national runs. Within 2 weeks of additional training, I’m driving my own rig around the central WI state highways for our consistent customers. Thanks DDS for making this new carrier possible! Hello to Mike! -Chris R.

Chris R.

Coming into this school the truck and trailer really intimidated me.. The instructors are awesome at working with you and being patient. my instructor was awesome he praised me when I did good and told me when I messed up how to fix it. Even messed around with me and my football team taste! I recommend this school to anyone with an open mind even if it’s something that intimidates you I bet this program can have you driving like a pro in 3-4 weeks! THANKS DDS!

Ashley G.

Thanks to DDS I was able to get a job with my previous career path since I added on having a CDL to my certifications I got a better job with Hooper Corp.

Aaron J.

I would like to thank all the staff and instructors at dds. With the two week class, I took I was able to get a job pulling trailers for the company I currently work for. I passed the interview with flying colors, and because I got my CDL I got a interplant driving job.

I put my eight hours in, and I get to go home at the end of the shift. Beats my previous job sitting on a line for eight hours. Plus I got a $3.00 pay raise. Thanks again!!!

Derek S.

I would like to thank DDS and the trainers for giving me an opportunity to change my career. I was unemployed for 6 months, before signing up for School. I was told because of my background ( felony conviction) DDS could not guarantee a position for me once I graduated. A couple of weeks after graduation I was given the chance to prove my worth and was hired by Spoerl Trucking Incorporated. I was the second graduate from DDS that Spoerl had hired, they were impressed by the knowledge that was given to the students. Therefore my training time was very short. Within a month I was out on my own.

I currently drive a 13-speed 2016 Freightliner and have been driving for 5 months including my training. Next month I'll be moving into a 2018 International. I have over 50,000 miles under my belt of over the road driving. I have been to 34 of the 48 Continental United States and the list keeps growing.

I still keep in touch with the other students that were in my group, even though we were only together for a few weeks we built a strong bond.

Once again I would like to thank DDS for the training and the opportunity to change my career, without you I'm not sure where I would be today.

Frank P.

Good day KJ and to All at DDS,

Hope this finds you very well. I was hired last year on 8/29/2017 (same month that I graduated from DDS) as a flatbed driver with Halvor Lines of Superior, WI. I love my new career with Halvor Lines. Thank you all for the great training and all your help.


Chet B.

Choosing DDS was the best choice I have made. Not only has it enabled me to gain a good career, I can almost certainly he assured that I will always have a job no matter what with a CDL. Its paid dividends so far. The instructors are knowledgeable and the course is set up to make you succeed. I have and will continue to recommend DDS.

Josh F.

I want to thank all the instructors and staff at DDS for all of the help from the classroom to the road. I now have a great job driving dump truck for the fine folks at T&T Stone Company in Cambridge, WI. Thanks for all the help in obtaining my CDL!!

Chris B.

I started my own business and bought my own truck. I haul excavating equipment and fabricated steel for buildings to a company based out of La Crosse, WI. I really enjoy my job and thanks to DTDTS I was able to land this job.

John N.

Because of my hands on training at Diesel Truck Driver School I was able to get the Class A CDL I have always wanted and land a job as a regional truck drive through Swift Transportation.

Peter W.

Since I have graduated I drove a 28 foot straight truck out of Chicago. When that did not work out I was hired by LCL Bulk Transport. I drive over the road hauling liquid chocolate. If it wasn’t for Steve and Bill who were very patient with me, I don’t know if I would be were I am today. Thank you all very much.

Steve R.

The school helped me get a job lined up before I graduated and now I’am making twice what I was making before I came to school.

Mark D.

I’m doing what I love, I’m working for C.R.England out of Salt Lake City, UT. The test and driving skills I learned at DDS came easy due to the hands on training. I’m a lease owner operator and over the past seven months I have traveled over every state and hauled a variety of goods.

Brad P.

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