Student Reviews

Graduates from Diesel Truck Driver Training School receive all the licensing permits, endorsements, and driving test needed to obtain their Class-A Commercial Drivers License. Hear what some of our most recent graduates have to say.

I started my own business and bought my own truck. I haul excavating equipment and fabricated steel for buildings to a company based out of La Crosse, WI. I really enjoy my job and thanks to DTDTS I was able to land this job.

John N.

Because of my hands on training at Diesel Truck Driver School I was able to get the Class A CDL I have always wanted and land a job as a regional truck drive through Swift Transportation.

Peter W.

Since I have graduated I drove a 28 foot straight truck out of Chicago. When that did not work out I was hired by LCL Bulk Transport. I drive over the road hauling liquid chocolate. If it wasn’t for Steve and Bill who were very patient with me, I don’t know if I would be were I am today. Thank you all very much.

Steve R.

The school helped me get a job lined up before I graduated and now I’am making twice what I was making before I came to school.

Mark D.

I’m doing what I love, I’m working for C.R.England out of Salt Lake City, UT. The test and driving skills I learned at DDS came easy due to the hands on training. I’m a lease owner operator and over the past seven months I have traveled over every state and hauled a variety of goods.

Brad P.

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