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Employment Assistance Provides


Soft Skills Training

While in school, students will receive training in skills essential to “nailing the interview” and “landing the job.” These skills include employment application procedures, interviewing techniques, networking methods, and more.

Diesel Truck Driver Training School instructors have years of industry experience, many as owner operators, over the road drivers, and small business owners! They know what it takes to “make it” in the industries we train for, and they happily pass onto their students the valuable lessons they have learned both working and hiring in the industry. Combining soft skills training with a superior Diesel Truck Driver Training School education and hands-on experience gives our graduates an edge when entering the workforce!

Personal Career Counseling

The National Employment Assistance Coordinator begins working during the first week of training. Each student is given an entrance interview to determine their industries of interest and career goals, along with the geographical area they will be seeking employment. The Employment Assistance Coordinator then provides each student a packet containing a list of potential employers in their target area, along with other helpful documentation concerning their training and skills.

Job Leads Database

All Diesel Truck Driver Training School graduates are provided access to our Job Leads Database which contains the name and contact information for THOUSANDS of potential employers. The Employment Assistance Department continually adds new potential employers throughout the country and places them into the Job Leads Database.

For Diesel Truck Driver Training School graduates, these prospective employers are then searchable by state, city, or zip code. This allows the student to search for and locate employers in specific geographical locations throughout the United States and begin the job application process!

Employment Assistance Website

Each month, MILLIONS of job seekers use the internet to connect to prospective employers. In early 2000, Diesel Truck Driver Training School launched the www.totalresourcesnetwork.com website for this very purpose! It is an online resource used exclusively by Diesel Truck Driver Training School graduates and prospective employers – a website where the two can connect. In addition to being an online home to the job leads database, students can search prospective employers, and prospective employers can post job openings which are searchable by Diesel Truck Driver Training School graduates!

Looking for an online resource to help jump start your new career? Check out www.totalresourcesnetwork.com!

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What Graduates Are Saying?

I started my own business and bought my own truck. I haul excavating equipment and fabricated steel for buildings to a company based out of La Crosse, WI. I really enjoy my job and thanks to DTDTS I was able to land this job.

John N.

Because of my hands-on training at Diesel Truck Driver School, I was able to get the Class A CDL I have always wanted and land a job as a regional truck driver through Swift Transportation.

Peter W.

Since I have graduated I drove a 28 foot straight truck out of Chicago. When that did not work out I was hired by LCL Bulk Transport. I drive over the road hauling liquid chocolate. If it wasn't for Steve and Bill who were very patient with me, I don't know if I would be where I am today. Thank you all very much.

Steve R.

I’m doing what I love, I’m working for C.R.England out of Salt Lake City, UT. The test and driving skills I learned at DDS came easy due to the hands on training. I’m a lease owner operator and over the past seven months I have traveled over every state and hauled a variety of goods.

Brad P.

The school helped me get a job lined up before I graduated and now I am making twice what I was making before I came to school.

Mark D.